We can only survive in a competitive environment by being better than our competition. We are always available online,via email and by phone; we even have emergency numbers (213.999.1871) for after hours or weekend contact. You never need to wonder the status of your report, and you can check the progress by calling our customer service. We focus on your needs, timing, accuracy, readability, communication, and cost effectiveness. Our recommendations are clear and concise. Your money and time are valuable; you can’t risk everything on anything less than professional, courteous, and competent results. We deliver!


Corporate Headquarters:
3255 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1510
Los Angeles, CA 90010



Odic is continually seeking qualified applicants to join our team of highly skilled staff members. Listed below are currently open positions:


  • Environmental Assessor (throughout California)
  • Sales Associate (Northern California)
Interested applicants may apply to info@odicenv.com

Management Team:

Eric Miller – President
Office: 888-634-2368
Cell: 213-999-1871

Hyung Kim – Principal Consultant
Office: 888-634-2368
Cell: 213-675-6716

Mel K. Johnson – Project Manager
Office: 888-634-2368

Marissa Villarreal – Customer Service Manager
Office: 888-634-2368

Sales Team:

Mina Chau – Project Sales Manager – Southern California
Cell Phone: 619-549-2100

Casey Hopkins – Project Sales Manager – Northern California
Cell Phone: 530-228-3790