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Odic Environmental is a professional, environmental consulting Company, certified by the State of California as a DVBE/SDVOSB/SBE firm. We are comprised of a trusted team of executive technical consultants. Each senior member of our technical team possesses over a decade of professional environmental consulting experience. This experience, knowledge and background led to the formation of Odic Environmental in 2005. Our clients include professional engineering and consulting firms, municipalities, government agencies, utility companies, private & government lenders, real estate management and investment entities, as well as owners and financial institutions including commercial mortgage, SBA, construction and CMBS lenders.

At Odic Environmental, we focus passionately on providing innovative environmental services with unyielding professional integrity. We will continually strive to supply our clients, business partners and associates with optimal solutions, in order to fit the needs of the project that keep the best interests of the public in mind. We look forward to becoming your trusted business partner by offering comprehensive environmental expertise in areas of environmental due diligence, remediation, assessment, survey & inspection, engineering consulting and green energy solutions.

Please review our Statement of Qualifications including services offered, key staff resumes, certifications, professional licenses, professional liability insurance, references and more.

Odic Environmental is comprised of an experienced and trusted team that understands your needs and understands the financing industry. We know that each staff member at Odic Environmental is critical to our operations and we empower them to make decisions that can help fulfill your needs.

What is “Odic”? Also called Od and Odyle, Odic Force is the nineteenth century name given to the hypothetical vital energy or life force that permeates all living plants, animals, and humans and binds them together. It was one of many proto-scientific efforts in the early 1800s towards the establishment of a unified theory of vitalism. The word derives from the Old Norse God, the Viking mythic master of the life force (‘od’).

It lies close to the eastern mystical concepts Chi and Prana. However, unlike Chi, the Od is not equal to breath; it is primarily associated with its electromagnetic properties.

Baron Carl Reichenbach developed the conception during the 1850s in his researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light in their relations to Vital Forces. Von Reichenbach purported, among other things, that this Odic Force had a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side. Individuals thought to be strong in the force could emanate it particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead. He believed it had other uses, that for example it could be stored in crystals as “crystalod.” Reichenbach hoped to develop a scientific proof for a universal life force, but since his experiments relied on psychically sensitive and psycho-kinetically adept individuals, it never acquired currency in the general scientific community.

Current popularity of the theory within new age and paranormal communities has arisen at the same time as the success of George Lucas’ fictional Force in the Star Wars series to which the Odic Force is an unmistakable antecedent.

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