Soil & Groundwater Remediation & Soil Vapor Extraction

Environmental Remediation

Cleaning up any type of contamination can be a long and stressful process for anyone involved in the project. Odic will work with you to determine your goals, timelines and least evasive way to effect your business. We can work with lenders, agencies, regulators and private parties to get closure of the environmental issue on the property.

Groundwater Monitoring

Sites often have extensive contamination either from the history of their site or the adjacent site. After Groundwater Monitoring Wells have been installed, we can visit the site to test for progression of clean up on a site. This process can take years, so we develop a relationship with our clients to work around their schedule and not interrupt their business activities.

Soil Vapor Extraction

This is one technique of removing contamination from a property after the contamination plume has been characterized. This often involves placing a small machine the size of a phone booth that works continuously to remove the contamination over the long term.

Site Closure

When contamination is found, may local agencies require that the site be cleaned. We can work with agencies to show that site has been cleaned, tested and contamination is below actionable levels.

UST Removal

Old Underground Storage Tanks are often the source of contamination. Often they have to be removed in order to stop the continuing contamination of the site. This includes extensive excavation of soil, the removal of the UST, testing of the soil and backfilling the hole with new soil.

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