Senior Technical Team

Mr. Hyung Kim, PE

Principal Consultant


Mr. Kim manages all aspects of environmental assessment and consulting/engineering operations. With a strong educational and professional background in hazardous waste management, environmental regulatory compliance and engineering/assessment planning, he plays a pivotal role in the overall operations of environmental project management.

Mr. Kim has also successfully represented the company to financial and & real estate institutions as a technical marketing Director. As a Principal Engineer Mr. Kim is responsible for in-house QA/QC management in remedial action design, contamination assessment, hazardous material management and real estate due diligence assessment.

Mr. Kim also oversees and trains most of the in-house technical staff and directs environmental planning, abatement, engineering, assessment, and remediation projects with assistance from R.G, REA, I.H., CAC, P.E. and other environmental certified professionals.


BS, Chemical Engineering, California State University, Long Beach MS, Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California

Project Experience

Environmental Site Assessment Phase I / Transaction Screen Due Diligence Mr. Kim has managed nearly 8,000 ESA projects performed nationwide since 1999, with full responsibility as the Chief Signatory Assessor over QA/QC on subcontractors, in-house staff assessors, engineers and consultants. Projects include mainly industrial and commercial properties, facility compliance audit, NPDES permitting, Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, RCRA and CERCLA regulatory compliance assessments, Fannie Mae & HUD project due diligence, and many more high-caliber commercial portfolio assessment. Phase II Subsurface Investigation & Pollution Characterization Co-managed over 150 subsurface investigation in CA, NJ, NY, TX, WA, MD, CO, AZ, with PE, RG and RHG, involving various types of drilling such as geo-probe / direct-push, hollow-stem (limited access to high torque) or solid-stem auger, bucket auger, air rotary or percussion hammer, hydro-punch, limited access drilling, hand-auger, soil vapor probing, etc. Extensively trained in hydrogeology by RHG and RG for southern California region, handled groundwater contour estimation, recharge rate monitoring, surveying, monitoring and extraction wells, including water table wells, upper and lower aquifer characterization wells, vertical profile cluster wells, multiport vapor piezometer wells, multipurpose groundwater and vapor piezometer wells, constructed using PVC, stainless steel. Phase III Environmental Site Remediation & Cleanup Dodge World, Torrance (2002-2004) – SVE/Carbon Adsorption, Cost $130K Shin Brother Body, L.A. (1997-2005 projecting) – SVE/Air Sparging, Cost $175K Mira Loma Gas Station, Mira Loma, (2002) – SVE, Cost $75K San Pedro Car Wash, San Pedro (2002-2005 projecting) – SVE/Air Sparging/Dual Phase Dr. J Cleaner, Sherman Oaks (2001-2004) – DPVE (pilot), Cost $220K Ducammon Facility in Monrovia – Continuing Soil Vapor Extraction Operation & Maintenance San Gabriel Water Quality Authority, representing Baldwin Park Operable Unit as one of responsible parties for San Gabriel Valley NPL Superfund Program Groundwater Well Investigation 17700 Roscoe, Northridge, CA – Soil Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance Managed and worked with RGs and PEs on mass transfer calculation from pilot testing, vapor radius of influence, assisted C.E. in VES design calculation, calculation of mass removal rate, pore volume exchange time, length of SVE operation, or Soil Vapor Extraction and Dual Phase High Vacuum Extraction remediation projects. He also calculated and work with Registered Hydro-Geologist to conduct remedial action plan, feasibility study, pilot remediation testing study involving evaluation and calculation of transmissivity, storativity, hydraulic conductivity, specific storage, seepage velocity, groundwater capture zone ROI and other hydrologic parameters. Underground Storage Tank/Clarifier Abandonment & Regulatory Closure Managed over 50 site abandonment including gas service station, private fueling station, industrial clarifier, from permitting, regulatory compliance, sampling & reporting, degassing/dryicing/certificate, contract management, AQMD Rule 1166 excavation monitoring via PID and FID. Closed over 50 UST sites in various cities in Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. Managed four sites (Huntington Park, Gardena, City of Industry, Vernon) of UST abandon in place and subsurface investigation projects upon regulatory preapproval due to structural complication with abandonment via removal. Conducted over 10 industrial pretreatment clarifier closure under County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works jurisdiction entailing plan check, permitting, closure, soil sampling and reporting according to CLDPW enforcement regulation. Asbestos/Lead/IAQ/Mold Assessment & Abatement 1996-2000 managed over 120 public & private abatement projects with CACs, CIH and DHS Inspectors. With hands-on experience from identification of hazardous material thru inspection and survey to actual abatement and disposal management of such wastes including recycling of mercury vapor and PCB ballasts, Mr. Kim has been the key technical and managerial representative in more than 100 public works involving public projects. Prepared IIPP, H&S, Respiratory Protection Plan, QAQC abatement procedures and regulatory compliance. Mold abatement, IAQ inspection with CIH, AQMD permitting of Negative Air Machines, HEPA Vacuum, preparation of abatement work plan, Procedure 5 emergency abatement plan with CAC Architectural/Engineering Due Diligence Mr. Kim has managed more than 75 ASTM E2018 Property Condition Assessment projects and Probable Maximum Loss (Seismic Evaluation Assessment) calculations in accordance with ASTM E-2026 Estimation of Building Damageability procedures for mainly institutional investors and conduit lenders. Projects include pre-securitization due diligence for Conduit Portfolio, in accordance with Fannie Mae Guidelines and other institutional investment due diligence guidelines.

Professional Affiliations / Certification

California Professional Civil Engineer – 75083 General Engineering Contractor “A” Member of AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Member of EAA (Environmental Assessment Association), Certified Environmental Manager #73547 California Registered Environmental Assessor #07252 Institute of Hazardous Material Management, CHMM Master Level #012554 Cal OSHA Hazwoper Training Certificate Uniform Fire Code Training for CUPA Inspectors CUPA Hazardous Waste Inspector Training 8 Hours UST Inspector Training, CUPA, 8 Hours California Real Estate License Nevada State Certified Environmental Manager #2057 LEED AP, USGBCI QSD & QSP #20568 Princeton Groundwater, Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology, Certificate of Completion, 2004 Professional Civil Engineering Service – Certificate of completion, 2007 Vapor Intrusion and Health Risk Assessment – Professional Training, 2009 Storm-water Pollution Prevention Training – Professional Training, 2009

Mike Miller


Senior Environmental Consultant As a senior environmental consultant, Mr. Miller provides diverse environmental consulting services and oversees consultants and engineers on daily basis, including storm water monitoring, BMP inspection, sampling and monitoring of construction projects. He oversees environmental assessment project management, site assessments, technical report writing, data analysis, customer service/support, and quality control.


M.S. (Biology, specializing in environmental microbiology), University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA – 1985 B.S. (Biology- Cum Laude) State University of New York, Buffalo, NY – 1982 California Secondary Education Teaching Credential, 1987

Project Experience

Since 2008, Mr. Miller has been the lead consultant for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention project and inspection program for various clients including Sempra Energy, including many utility construction sites in Southern California. Mr. Miller has been extensively involved in Phase II Subsurface Investigation, groundwater, surface water sampling and analysis, soil and waste sampling, profiling for a number of construction and development projects throughout Southern California. Mr. Miller was formerly responsible for the formation, development, and management of two environmental departments (Phase I Site Assessment and AHERA), and provided diverse loss environmental consulting services to American International Group (AIG).

  • His other experience includes evaluating environmental liability, general liability, product liability and fleet liability loss exposures. Also oversaw account portfolios comprised of a broad spectrum of manufacturing facilities, HUDMAP, land developers, pharmaceutics firms, property management firms, and contractors.
  • Prepared and reviewed Phase I and Phase II reports. Generated recommendations regarding liability risk management and risk reduction.
  • Provided mold/water intrusion management consulting services to AIG member companies and clientele. Managed insurance claims. Developed and implement presentations and training programs.

Mr. Miller’s technical expertise also includes the following areas of environmental consulting. Audits/Risk Assessments – comprehensive environmental audits of hundreds of manufacturing firms, hazardous waste treatment facilities, industrial firms, wastewater treatment plants, refineries, residential properties, and hospitals Risk Management – Served as the primary liaison between an insurance company and a large petroleum firm to manage a claim arising from an oil spill. The spill occurred as a result of the January 17, 1994 Los Angeles earthquake. Over 18 miles of riverbed were impacted by the spill, as well as extensive personal property damage. Cleanup costs were in excess of 32 million dollars. Remediation – Coordinated and managed all aspects of remediation of petroleum-contaminated soils resulting from a tanker spill along a major highway. Project included performing site assessment to determine extent of contamination, obtaining agency approval of work plan, and coordinating with over fourteen agencies and firms involved with the spill and remediation. Environmental Assessments – Managed Phase I Site Assessments Department, and has conducted environmental assessments for numerous industrial, commercial, and residential properties. These assessments included site reconnaissance, agency reviews, aerial photo reviews, interviews with prior tenants, evaluation of hazardous material management practices used at the site, document and database reviews, data analysis, and the preparation of reports outlining findings. Radon – Organized and implemented the survey of over 260 Southern California schools for radon, following EPA protocol. Prepared reports for each school, based on findings. Asbestos – Assisted in the organization and inspection of 2,200 schools in California for asbestos building materials. Developed Inspection Reports and Management Plans based on the results of inspections. Served as asbestos coordinator for over 700 schools throughout California. Also completed a project involving the asbestos inspections of over 350 buildings and building complexes owned by the City of Los Angeles. Reports included risk assessment of asbestos materials identified during inspections. Mold/Microbial Matter – As a member of AIG’s internal Mold Working Group, evaluated mold management/response plans, conducted mold-related field inspections, assisted in generating company policies/procedures, reviewed mold abatement contractors, and provided specialized mold/microbial matter consulting services. Training/Seminars – Mr. Miller has conducted numerous training sessions and information seminars for building owners, insurance underwriters, and workers. Seminars have covered topics that included environmental regulations, liability issues, and worker safety. With his strong professional and educational background in Environmental Toxicology, Hazardous Materials Management, Regulatory Framework, Groundwater Monitoring, Protection, and Cleanup, Chemistry of Hazardous Substances, Facility Audits and Environmental Compliance and Indoor Air Quality and Biological Contaminants Consulting, his expertise has benefited clients and consultants in many areas of environmental compliance and consulting.

Certifications & Registrations

Certificate: Environmental Auditing, University of California -Irvine, 1989. Certificate: Toxic & Hazardous Materials Management, UCLA, 1990. Certificate: OSHA 40-Hr Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response, 1991 Certificate: AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector / Management Planner, 1988. Certificate: AHERA Asbestos Contractor Supervisor, 1995 Certificate: Indoor Air Quality Manager, American Indoor Air Quality Council, 2002 Certificate: Microbial Remediation Supervisor, American Indoor Air Quality Council, 2002 Certificate: Construction Storm-water Pollution Prevention – 24 Hours, 2009. Registered Environmental Assessor, REA No. 02651 Registered Environmental Professional, REP No. 2797 Member: American Indoor Air Quality Council AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) Building Inspector AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) Management Planner OSHA Hazardous Materials First Responder Training OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Training 24-hour Stormwater training – 2009

  • Regulations including the 2009 Construction General Permit
  • Proper Selection and Installation of Construction BMPs
  • Preparation of the SWPPP/WPCP
  • Water Pollution Control Specifications and Contract Special Provisions
  • Preparation of a Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Water Quality Sampling Techniques, Reporting, and Analysis of Water Quality Data
  • BMP Inspection

24-hour Stormwater training – 2010

  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board accredited training for Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP)
  • 2009-0009-DWQ Construction General Permit

Eric Miller / President

Certified Environmental Inspector, Principal

Eric Miller, President of ODIC Environmental, embodies leadership qualities and is at the core as one of the central leaders in the ODIC success story. He is our best agent in ODIC’s goal of providing quality products that fulfill the needs of the financial and investment community related to assessing environmental risks. Eric’s leadership skills include extensive organizational, management and marketing skills garnered from a long, well-rounded career furthering the goals of military and civilian corporate entities. He also brings to ODIC an intense desire to win, obtained by years of excelling in athletics at the high school and college levels. After serving overseas tours of duty in the U.S. Navy, Eric settled in San Diego, where he attended San Diego State University. After college, he set his sights on fulfilling a long-time dream of owning his own company. That dream came true with the creation of ODIC Environmental. Eric planned the startup as carefully as an overseas mission. The lessons of life are not wasted in the business environment. Survival in any business venture requires more than luck; it requires, competency, resiliency, and hard work. The lessons Eric learned serving his country are not wasted now that he is operating in the business environment. Today, Eric is involved in all aspects of planning and running the day-to-day operations of Odic Environmental and Energy.

He has excelled in the selection of qualified team members, whether as the subject of such scrutiny himself or as the one given the job of sifting through many qualified candidates to pick only the absolute best. He has demonstrated the ability to be successful in a highly competitive business environment. An essential key element has been in Mr. Miller’s ability to surround himself with individuals who share his vision, dedication, and capabilities. He is keenly aware of what it takes to be successful, and the ODIC organization reflects his selectivity and insight with a promising talent pool.Under Eric’s leadership, every team member knows his or her role and responsibility. Effective business performances require constant follow-up, constant feedback. Eric’s prior experience has given him the discipline he needs to provide it. He has been in the trenches himself. As a EAA’s Certified Environmental Inspector and experienced environmental field assessor since 2001, personally knowing all aspects of the due diligence process gives Eric the ability to assign tasks as well as to inform the assignees what needs to be done and how to do it. In marketing ODIC’s services, Eric has provided the plan, implementation, and follow-up. This includes educational seminars for clients, and guest-speaking at peer conferences on timely subjects of interest. As real estate markets adjust to economic developments, companies serving the financial markets and those who work within those markets must also remain flexible. ODIC prides itself on helping our clients know what to expect as well as to be prepared for the unexpected. By building the company around principles learned in his military and civilian careers, Eric Miller has made ODIC the chosen partner to many high-profile lenders seeking that kind of protection and vigilance.


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