Hazardous Materials & Waste

In cases where contamination has been found in the soil, remediation is often required. Or in cases where a property has been abandoned and Hazardous Material & Waste has been left behind, we can remove the waste.

Environmental Impact Reports CEQA/NEPA

Many projects are subject to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Representative documents include Environmental impact reports, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Initial Studies, Mitigated Negative Declarations, Categorical Exemptions, and Addendums.

Lab Management

We coordinate and schedule the pick up of samples, handle all communication with the lab, follow up on deadlines, analyze the findings, report the findings and invoicing.

Energy Consulting

The primary purpose of this Energy Consumption Analysis Report (the Report) is to assist Client, to achieve 10% reduction in energy consumption, provide sustainable design, or renewable energy or fuel production.

Odic conducts a field inspection of the subject property, and gathers information on business operation and building energy use profiles from interviewing the current business owner. Projected energy consumption for the new addition portion of the subject facility are estimated using energy simulation software (eQUEST version 3.63) that simulate annual energy performance based on building parameters, equipment service load, facility use and other facility features from available construction drawings and plans as well as planned energy conservation measures and improvement items discussed with the business owner.

In order to verify that the subject building demonstrates at least 10% reduction in energy consumption as compared to the baseline condition (before Project), the energy intensity, or adjusted EUI (total energy consumption per unit area) is compared.

Air Quality

We provide Indoor Air Quality Survey/Inspection in accordance with regulatory rules and AQMD rule 404 and 1403. Scope included stack testing, point source investigation, monitoring of surface cleanup and air emission from the source.

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